Projects created by Studio j-omega
electronics, electrical engineering and SCADA

System status signaling panel and alarm management

Industrial automation panel for process plant

Control, automatic/manual manoeuvre, system status reporting, alarm generation and creation of logFiles.csv for system status historical archiving

Automation software development and graphical interface

Automation of gravimetric separation plant with spill valves built in the of the Santoro Group in Genoa

Panel for on-board safety system

Semi-automatic system for checking and signaling the status of the system, safety blocks for incorrect maneuvers and activation of alarms.

Testing and tuning

Testing and fine-tuning phase of the system in the laboratory, with the manufacturer and installer REG Impianti s.n.c. with which Studio j-Omega collaborates regularly, if requested by the customer the supply of the complete package.

Pump start-up panels

Pump start-up panel with double power supply in parallel and integrated power supply switch-over system. Panel data in the photo: 3F, 400 Vdc, 63 A, 50 Hz